Friday, June 18, 2010

Painted Ladies

We have been learning about the butterfly life cycle, these last two weeks. We had some caterpillars in an aquarium which grew and fed and eventually progressed to the chrysalis stage. Today they have been emerging.

We saw one emerge but its wings were badly curled and didn't stretch out right away. 
Then it fell onto the bottom of the container, so I got it out and put it in our lilac tree on a flower.

But it flapped its curly wings and then fell out of the was in the grass on the edge of a recently dug up garden.

At that moment a second butterfly emerged and distracted us. Then when we looked back at the grassy place where the curly one fell, it was gone.

About an hour later we went out again to check and, yes! there was another butterfly that had emerged. We were looking at it and just then we noticed, in the grassy place where the curly one had fallen, was a perfectly formed butterfly stretching it's strong, straight wings.  

That perfect one is the one in the picture on the daisy. 

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  1. With enough determination and patience, even those who start out with curly wings can grow strong and beautiful and straight wings.